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FALL 2013
Science Journalism students published a number of stories during the fall 2013 semester. In addition, SkyView magazine focused on research in the Santa Catalina Mountains and the class field trip to the Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter.

Several articles appeared in the Tucson Weekly:

    • Cathy Rosenberg covered the reintroduction of the desert bighorn sheep to the Catalina Mountains in “Rebalancing Nature.”

Wild Card

The graduate students covered the SBS talks at the Fox Theatre for the Arizona Daily Star:

Several essays were selected for The Blue Guitar magazine, which is published by the Arizona Consortium for the Arts.

  • Cathy Rosenberg recounts an adventure near the border in “Birding Without Fear” (Spring 2014).
  • In “Through All Windows” (Spring 2014) Maya L. Kapoor describes how she encountered primatologist Jane Goodall through her writing.
  • In “Curiosity Killed the Grasshopper” (Fall 2013), Danielle Herrington describes a childhood experience that inspired her passion for science.
  •  Michaela Kane describes “How Avoiding Science Homework Inspired Me to Study Science.”

FALL 2012
Science Journalism students published a number of stories during the fall 2012 semester. In addition, BioView magazine focused on the overnight field trip to Biosphere 2.

Susan Swanberg‘s story about UA researcher Dragos Zaharescu appeared as a guest blog on the Scientific American website. Susan reported the story during the overnight class field trip to Biosphere 2.

Dragos Zaharescu and his "rockubators" at night

Several articles ran in the Arizona Daily Wildcat:

Other stories appeared in the Tucson Weekly:

The following pieces appeared on the SBS Research Institute website as part of a collaboration between SBSRI and the Science Journalism class to feature social science researchers:

FALL 2011
Science Journalism students published a number of stories about Biosphere 2, which we visited during an overnight field trip in fall 2011.

Mariana Dale‘s story on the “Green Roofs project at Biosphere 2” was published in The Explorer, the newspaper that covers Oro Valley, Marana and the northwest side of Tucson.

The Explorer also ran Jason Torrey‘s article on Rock Soup: A Recipe for Life. Can life arise from simple rock?

Kedi Xia produced this audio slideshow about Dr. Joost van Haren’s drought experiments at Biosphere 2.

Rikki Mitchell produced this video on the rain forest experiment at Biosphere 2.

Abragail Kappel produced this video on the rain forest experiment.

Zachary Vito produced this video about the potted mesquite and grass experiment.

Kedi Xia produced this audio slideshow about the overnight visit by the Science Journalism classes.

John de Dios wrote a story about the Model City project that includes an audio piece and a slideshow. It was published in the Tucson Weekly. This package was picked up by the UA’s Office of the Senior Vice President for Research.

Students published stories on other subjects as well in fall 2011 and spring 2012. Several have been picked up by UA News.

Megan Kimbel‘s article titled “This desert wants to stay dark” appeared under the heading “Science and the Environment” in the Los Angeles Times.

Megan Kimbel‘s essay on “Cultivating Wonder” appeared in the fall issue of The Blue Guitar magazine.

Rikki Mitchell had a Sunday Metro section front story in the Arizona Daily Star on the relationship between the late Michael Drake and Dante Lauretta, his partner in the OSIRIS-REx NASA mission to retrieve a sample from an asteroid.

Jazmine Woodberry‘s Q&A with Dante Lauretta, whose team will design OSIRIS-REx (Origins-Spectral Interpretation-Resource Identification-Security-Regolith Explorer), appeared in the Arizona Daily Wildcat.

Jazmine Woodberry‘s story on how a few rare young cells help us fight new diseases better as we age also appeared in the Wildcat.

Kevin Zimmerman wrote in the Arizona Daily Star about the generation gap between veteran and new moon researchers.

Vanessa Boocher‘s article about William Hartmann and his role in the NASA Juno mission to Jupiter also appeared in the Arizona Daily Star.

Jason Torrey‘s story on how a new discovery could lead to lab-grown organs appeared in the Tucson Weekly.

The Weekly also posted Emily Soriano‘s story on how depressed moms can affect babies’ brains.

Sarah Dasher‘s story on how sea-level rises are linked to Earth’s surprisingly fragile poles appeared on the Arizona-Sonora News Service, which distributes stories around the state.

Sarah Dasher‘s article on how UA micro aircraft is inspired by nature ran in the Green Valley News.

Jacquelyn Abad profiled Dr. Tori Lockett, a professor at the University of Arizona who reveals her passion at work and at play.


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