Choose your heroes, and go and do likewise.

—John Seigenthaler, journalist and political figure

Cathy Sunset

Attendance is critical. We’ll move quickly, so you need to be present to prosper. Classes often feature experts or field experiences and thus can’t be made up.

If you have three or more absences, you’ll be dropped from class. If you reach the threshold of allowable absences after the university’s drop date, your semester grade will be lowered one grade per additional absence. The only reasons that an absence will not count toward the three allowable absences are for the following reasons:

  • Serious injury or hospitalization
  • Jury duty
  • Religious observance
  • Military duty
  • Dean’s excuse for a university-sanctioned event, such as performing in a traveling UA play, ROTC training, competing in a UA basketball game, going on a field trip or covering a city council meeting

Allowable excuses do NOT include things such as the following (this list is NOT inclusive):

  • Finishing an assignment for another class
  • Shooting photos or a video for another professor
  • Interviewing a source
  • Attending a meeting or an event
  • Waiting for a plumber
  • Fixing a flat tire
  • Oversleeping
  • Missing your ride to school
  • Picking up your parents at the airport
  • Waiting for a parking spot

If you must miss class for a legitimate reason, you must let me know in advance—via email or a phone call—and the reason why. I’ll let you know in advance if the excuse is acceptable and if you’ll be given a makeup assignment. Sending an email or calling after a missed class won’t do you any good. Presenting a false excuse will be considered cheating (a violation of the academic integrity rules), resulting in an E for the course.

If you miss class, you’re responsible for getting notes and handouts from a classmate. Your assignments are still due at their scheduled times.

Punctuality is a virtue in most offices—and in our class. You’re expected to be here on time with your work done and both sides of your brain engaged. Arriving late—no matter how late or what the reason—counts as an absence. I begin on time and often present important information at the beginning of class.

If you leave class early without telling me, you’ll be counted as absent that day.


Journalism 472/572

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